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Mobile Internet has changed the world we live in. Everybody are connected and demanding large resource to access it while they are mobile, It can be access through their mobile data or the most preferable is Wi-Fi!
Today, Wi-Fi is essential. People do their voice or video call communications, business transactions, banking, book flights and hotel plans and many more based on Wi-Fi availability. In Hotel, Wi-Fi is used by guests for a whole range of reasons, In other words, poor hotel Wi-Fi can be disruptive to your guests and will reflect badly on your business.When it  comes to Excellent Wi-Fi Quality result, it consist complexity logic, parts and settings that may beyond your core expertise. One miss component leads your investment in vain and un-happy guest.
Technologically savvy hoteliers will know that establishing a strong hotel wireless network will ensure guests are able to connect swiftly and easily.

Wi-Fi is extremely important to business travelers. According to Motorola Solutions’ “The Growing Importance of Wi-Fi in Hotels,” a recent study reveals that over 90% of business travelers want Wi-Fi access in their rooms, while a third stated they would not return to a hotel that did not meet this expectation.


How Can We Help You?


The first step toward getting the wireless network that fits your needs is to analyze what you already have. We’ll work with you to create and implement a reliable and secure service that is ready when you are.

Site Surveys

Network Analysis

Wi-Fi Heat-Map


On Site Survey to your property to get real fact of your current condition


Measures your current configurations and physical allocation.


Visualization of your     Wi-Fi Signal along with detailed signal levels throughout entire property.


Data Wire Test


Bandwidth Analysis

Bill of Material


it’s important to test cable system performance as a last check to make sure everything is installed properly.


Do you really get your bandwidth that you are paying for? It is good enough for your purpose?


Detail analysis of propose equipment from various vendors, to ensure you get the appropriate equipment.

Assessment Methodology

We are developing Wi-Fi Assessment methodology based on our 20 years’ experience in Wi-Fi Installation and troubleshooting.


A Wireless LAN Assessment is the fundamental for a reliable wireless network deployment and the most important step to ensure the desired service delivery to your guest.

We will run through your Wi-Fi infrastructure from your Network Physical Topology, Logical Network, Data Wiring test, Wi-Fi Heat-map up to your IP network setting, Gateway, DHCP, in order to have clear picture of how the system interoperates and how specific components affect the performance of the system.

  • Predictive Site Survey With this kind of evaluation, we use simulation tools to create a model of the radio frequency (RF) environment at your location. This effort tends to be quite cost- and time-effective as well as highly accurate. We do not have to go down on site to capture the current conditions, but Building blueprint and floor plan is mandatory to provide.
  • On Site Assessment If you have a more complicated wireless network, a physical site survey can be the better way to go. During this kind of assessment, we will usually focus on applications that roam across access points (APs) as well as applications that are especially sensitive to latency. 

On Site Assessment is the most complicated task that require multi skill sets to capture your current network status. We will run numerous sets of Assessments that will look into your Network Topology and Equipment from physical into logical configurations such as SSID, VLAN, IP Planning & DHCP Setting etc. We also measure your LAN capacity, Sizing and your Power Over Ethernet Budget if required.

Wi-Fi Policy usage also may be review if required (optional) to get most effective Wi-Fi policy usage on your organization.

We also perform Network Data Cable test to your current infrastructure to ensure all data cables are ready to deliver the desired Wi-Fi traffic.

  • Passive Site Surveys – We uses software to passively listen to traffic on your wireless network looking specifically for problems with access points, signal strength, and environmental noise.
  • Post Validation Site Surveys – The goal with this kind of site survey is to ensure that your Wi-Fi network is performing at the level it was designed to perform.

Develop New Implementation Plan

Now that you have an idea of where you are and where you’d like to go, we will develop a plan to get you there. The Following of findings that surface quite often. These Possible findings can include:

  • Topology, physical and logical arrangement of a network refers to how the workstations, servers, and other equipment are joined together with cables and connectors. Inappropriate Topology design may degrades LAN and Wi-Fi performance.
  • Under Capacity – Your network Equipment may not suitable for transferring Wi-Fi properly since for some certain reason was designed below required capacity or it require upgrades for keeping it comply with current demand.
  • Access points that are deployed for the wrong purpose – uses of wrong type of access points for wrong purposes, for example uses of Home or Consumer grade access points instead of Enterprise grade access points, or uses of small access points to server large public spaces. In some cases there are quite often found that Out door Access Point are misplaced and used to cover the needs of room Wi-Fi from the outside,  such an approach ignores signal quality and access point capacity calculation against number of concurrent users.
  • Interference – Interference can come in a variety of forms. A range of factors such as high-density walls, user density and power levels can all have a big impact on your Wi-Fi performance. Incredibly, you can have very poor Wi-Fi performance while having high signal strength if too many APs are running.
  • Null Coverage or Blank Spot – Inappropriate Access Point placement may create null signal or blank spot. When you experience blank spot you experience connection disruption.

When one or more of these findings are acted on and implemented, companies generally see an immediate and dramatic improvement in their wireless network performance.


Design & Build

Our Network design services integrate all parts of your mobility infrastructure, from Wi-Fi and networking to guest Internet Gateway and Wi-Fi performance monitoring. With our design services, you’ll be on the road to a Reliable wireless network that meets your demands. Implementation is just as important as the design.

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